FELD Theatre for Young Audiences is a small, new venue in Berlin that offers toddlers, children, teenagers and adults of all ages space on a stage and in a studio for encounters with the performing arts.FELD is welcoming artists from Berlin's independentscene as well as from the national and international scene; they show works and develop projects with very different aesthetics: from experimentingwith materials and figures, to dance and performances, from laboratory situations to narrative theater with its imaginative stories. The theatre is focusing on interdisciplinary approach and performing arts, working together with dancers, choereografers, musicians, filmmakers, fineartists, performers and light designers. FELD develops its inclusive work andoffers performances, workshops and concerts for people with special needs. FELD addresses all generations, develops intergenerational works and is also working on a biennial festival dedicated to all generations and a residency programme for learning andworking in the intergenerational field.