Plesni Teater Ljubljana (Dance Theatre Ljubljana), also known as PTL, is the first and central non-governmental organization for contemporary dance art in Slovenia since 1984. Since its beginning PTL has been a pioneer in the development of contemporary dance art in the country. At the end of the nineties PTL opened doors of the first theatre venue for contemporary dance in the capital and outgrew into the central NGO for contemporary dance art. So far PTL produced over 250 dance and dance-theatre performances by Slovenian and foreign authors.

Dschungel Wien is a theatre for young audience in the MuseumsQuartier (MQ) Vienna. For all age groups between 6 months and 26 years there are numerous productions in all genres, from spoken theatre to puppet theatre to music theatre with a special focuson dance and performance. A total of 60 productions -half of which are premieres -are presented in over 500 performances during a season. In addition to in-house and co-productions as well as guest performances, the programme consists mainly of premieres and revivals by independent Viennese groups. In addition, there is an extensive offer for children, teenagers and young adults to become active themselves and perform on stage.

Centro Servizi Culturali S. Chiara is an economic and instrumental public body of the Provincia autonoma di Trento. Its main purpose is to promote live shows, planning them in the theatres it directly manages and in other buildings of local importance. Over the years the Centro has consistently increased its show programming, planning very rich and distinctive theatre seasons, with an aim to value contemporary languages through which to communicate with the younger generation. This desire to discover new languages for children and youngsters led Centro S. Chiarato enrich its dance programming with the creation of Y GenerationFestivalin 2016.

VRUM Performing Arts Collective is an international collective which consists of artists that are closely involved in the development of dance and theater for young audiences. It consists of two sister organizations: VRUM Performing Arts CollectiveCroatia and VRUM Performing Arts Collective Austria, founded in 2007 in Zagreb and 2016 in Vienna. Although the focus of VRUM is on contemporary dance, the collective is actively working to connect contemporary dance and theater, visual arts, music and new media. VRUM aims to make contemporary dance and contemporary theater more visible and present, to support and train audiences and professionals through artistic lectures, networking, collaboration with institutions and artists, and also through a series of workshops.

FELD Theatre for Young Audiences is a small, new venue in Berlin that offers toddlers, children, teenagers and adults of all ages space on a stage and in a studio for encounters with the performing arts.FELD is welcoming artists from Berlin's independentscene as well as from the national and international scene; they show works and develop projects with very different aesthetics: from experimentingwith materials and figures, to dance and performances, from laboratory situations to narrative theater with its imaginative stories. The theatre is focusing on interdisciplinary approach and performing arts, working together with dancers, choereografers, musicians, filmmakers, fineartists, performers and light designers. FELD develops its inclusive work andoffers performances, workshops and concerts for people with special needs. FELD addresses all generations, develops intergenerational works and is also working on a biennial festival dedicated to all generations and a residency programme for learning andworking in the intergenerational field.

Zagreb Dance Company a renowned contemporary dance company, Zagreb Dance Company has since its foundation (1970., founder Lela Gluhak Buneta) remained uncompromising in its particular artistic expression. Zagreb Dance Company has educated a number of dancers and dance experts who are now working in Croatia and abroad.