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teen generator for teachers

12/12/2020 14:00 - 18:00dschungel wienprice: € 20,00 Teen Generator is a project for educating and sensitizing young audiences (teens) with contemporary dance and movement programs, based on the educational project "Mallettes pedagogiques" of the Toulouse Center for Choreography Development, started in 2007 and developed throughout France. This workshop is aimed at educators and all adult interested parties. […]

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Moving lab "touch/ed" @ KLIKER festival Varaždin

This year’s topic and title of the Moving lab is „touch/ed“ – the first lab was organized in Dschungel Wien in Vienna with invited artists from an artistic pool of six Generator partner organizations. The artists were then divided into pairs and started to develop their artistic ideas which they will continue to develop during […]

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Teach & Reach @ Mediteranski plesni centar

Within the GENERATOR platform, in the middle of April, Milena Todorović, Sanja Tropp Frühwald and Irma Unušić visited the Mediterranean Dance Center, working on the Teen Generator program within the Teach & Reach program unit. It is an idea partly taken from France, which aims to bring the history and idea of contemporary dance closer […]

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