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„Move and Reach“ is a continuation of the educational lab „Teach & Reach“ intended for reflexive educational methodologies and relaying of specific knowledge and skills to all educators and pedagogues who are involved. Program has also evolved into a new form where educatorsand pedagogues connect with artists for reciprocal collaboration –educators engage in artistic processes, while artists develop pedagogical methodologies to provide access to work with young audience, which in turn embraces the artistic, as well as the educational dimension. This new program has merged former formats ‘’Moving Lab’’ and ‘’Teach & Reach’’. The idea of these labs was, from the beginning, for artists to develop an overall methodology for the artistic creation and simultaneous development of the young audiences. Due to this comprehensive approach of interchangeable combination of artistic and educational methodologies, new opportunities for innovative and interactive formats are being developed with each „Move and Reach“ lab.

Moving lab is an artistic and research laboratory dedicated to exploring new artistic ideas and presentation formats based on dance and movement, innovative in form, interactive, inclusive and interdisciplinary and with a strong, meticulous and articulate concept. It includes a mentored happening involving invited artists (each partner organization proposes one, while the local organization reserves the right to invite additional artists, strenghtening the local artistic community). The duration of the lab is up to one whole week during which a topic or work frame is suggested and according to which the mentors are invited. The artists bring their project ideas, inspirations, techniques or interests to the lab where they get the opportunity todevelop them by working on it in a group with other artists and a seasoned mentor. Their approach can then be challenged, tested and reviewed from multiple points of view. At the same time, each artist brings the accumulated experience creating an opportunity for everyone involved to learn from the gathered and shared knowledge. In 2019, Generator platform organized two artistic labs –one in Ljubljana, Slovenia and Vienna, Austria. The first Artistic lab, which was held in Dance Theater Ljubljana in Slovenia, was mentored by two artists from the field of dance theatre for young audiences –Natalija Manojlović Varga and Ivana Djilas. The name of the lab was „Let's begin“, indicating the main topic of the program which was „beginning“. Posing the main questions -where to start, what to start with and how to start, the lab eventually discussed the topics of context, targeted audience, inspiration, research and results through combination of different tasks, games and strategies. In 2020, the Moving lab selected a main topics -„It's not about me“, as a continuation of the Moving lab program, however, selected artists are now grouped into pairs (tandems) to be able to continue to develop the project ideas –giving them a new perspective through a new partner –new approach to work and new ideas. Dancers and choreographers meet up in pairs, in alternating formations; they may meet for the first time. But using this first encounter as base is already part of the working process. "It's not about me," is both the task and the title. What happens if you don't deal with yourself, but only with the other? Do you become more empathetic? Does it open new insights and does it help to encounter with other people we wouldn ́t get in touch? Will this create new forms of friendship? Is a more diverse society possible without prejudice? This format is intended to encourage people/artists to move out of their comfort zone and look for new approaches and artistic paths.

„Teach and Reach“ is an educational format intended for reflexive educational methodologies and relaying of specific knowledge and skills to all educators and pedagogues who are involved. Every partner organization in the platform selectsone local artist/pedagogue to participate in the program, while the local organization that hosts the lab opens has the possibility to invite a smaller group of local artists to join the program. By doing this, Generator platform strives to strenghten anddevelop the local artistic community and stimulate local artistic production for young audiences. Labs involve exchange and return of information between users, local workshops for young audiences, exchange with local educational institutions (schools andkindergartens) and also, with local dance pedagogues. Every lab covers a specific topic and is mentored by a working professional from the field of contemporary dance and education. In 2019, Generator platform implemented two educational labs. The first one, which was held in Mediterranean Dance Center in Svetvinčenat, Istria in April 2019, was exploring the case study of „Teen Generator“ -educational booklets for teenagers.It is a methodology partly taken from France, which aims to bring the history and idea of contemporary dance closer through two educational booklets, theoretical lectures and talks, video materials, and dance and movement workshops. Within the lab, a visit to two schools was organized -a bigger one in Rovinj, and a smaller, local onein Svetvinčenat during which the artist from the lab explained the concepts needed for a conversation about contemporary dance, as well as motivated the children with various practical exercises to get familiar with some of the important choreographers and artists represented in the work materials. The third test group consisted of students from the Drama Studio INK. This was a slightly older population, mostly high school students who were already acquainted with contemporary dance and it falls under their direct interest. The second lab called „Access to Dance“ took place in Belgrade, Serbia where Amelie Mallmann, a dance mediator/educator from TANZKOMPLIZEN, Berlin, Germany, worked with a group of artists/pedagogues selected from the Generator platform.The workshop/laboratory "Access to Dance" was organized with the purpose of supporting and developing educational methodologies and transferring specific knowledge and skills between participants (artists, educators and pedagogues, dance pedagogues from Austria, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia) in the field of performing arts and contemporary dance for young audience. The lab dealt with issues such as: how to watch contemporary dance, how we as teachers and artists can prepare children and teenagers for a dance piece.