artistic team
idea, concept and
: Irma
performers: Buga Marija Šimić, Irma Unušić
sound and music: Vanesa Petrac and Ivan Marojević
stage design and
: Selena Gazda and Irma Unušić
light design: Domagoj
graphic design: Petra
Zlonoga (work in progress)
mentorship: Katja Povše (supported through Generator platform)
production: SHOOMA and Theatre Mala Scena
duration: 45 minutes

Ninabu is a multi sensory immersive performance for babies from 3 to 18 months and for their caregivers. It is a special space-event that invites the audience to discover, enjoy, look, feel and play in a multi sensory and safe environment that wants to be an intimate collage of movement, dance, voice, singing, music, fragrance, interactive play, tactile and visual object.

Babies and their caregivers get the invitation for imagination, co creation, amazement, enjoyment, supportive environment in this non predictable play of two opposite elements “nina” and “bu”. Where there is nina, bu is here and where is bu, nina is there. Ninabu is an imaginary small forest (of life) where everybody will create their own vision from their own bodily experience, it can be a lot more than just a forest…