Vera graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1999, and received the PhD in 2015 at Teacher Education Faculty in Belgrade, in the field of didactic - methodological sciences (methodology of teaching fine arts). She works at the Department of Methodologies of Art Subjects at Teacher Education Faculty in Belgrade. She actively participates in different projects in fine arts education of preschool and school-age children, engaging as an author, associate and a producer in various cultural institutions (Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Children's Cultural Centre in Belgrade, Children's Section of the Belgrade City Library, etc).

"I graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, but I have always been very much interested in pedagogical work, especially in work with children. I work at the Teacher Education Faculty in Belgrade as a teaching assistant professor on the subject of Arts Education. My job includes education of future preschool and primary school teachers for work with children in the area of visual arts in the context of general education.

The approach I am researching and trying to promote through my pedagogical practice in the field of arts, is an integrative approach, which recognizes arts to be, among other things, a teaching tool encompassing not only various forms and media of artistic expression, but also endeavors to connect with, and incorporate them into other fields of knowledge and undertaking. I firmly believe that investment into good quality of education, culture and arts for children is an issue of utmost importance in any responsible society, since its future depends on it, and will be defined by it."