Sabrina Fraternali currently works as a performer and a choreographer. Her first choreography Glauco has been selected for Network Anticorpi XL in 2018 and has been on tour since.  She is passionate about passing on what she knows about movement, dance, theatre and being on stage. Since 2014 she has therefore been developing creative projects mostly with kids and youngsters. From 2018 until present she performs in plays for preschool and school aged children, selected at various festivals. After being among the winners of the artistic research residency in Rio Marina in 2017, she is now in charge of the artistic direction of Stagione d’artista - ElbaDelVicino on Elba. She has been working as an assistant choreographer with CommunityDanceAcademy and collaborates with the Bolzano based Cooperativa Teatrale Prometeo. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Literature and a master’s degree in Comparative Cultural Studies.