Nikolina Komljenovic is a performing artist with a wide range of knowledge.
Based on movement, starting from the subconscious, internal mechanisms that interact with the audience. She works on structures that arise from relations, from reciprocity and builds them by weight transfer.
She works in the field of performing and visual arts, also circus arts.
Choreographed: Almost, slow; Samonini; 2women/1body; Voicing; Erasing
Objects in space; An Object is transferring into the Subject #spine; If I Play a New Game; I go!, Prolapse.. Nikolina has collaborated with Isabelle Schad, Rosalind Crisp, Sidney Leoni, Luis Miguel Felix and Ben Evans, Anne Juren, Eric Lecomte, Zak Valenta, Boris Bakal, Sasa Bozic, Boris Barta, Studio for contemporary dance and many more. Has performed in many countries around the world.
Nikolina has been doing pedagogical work since 2008, teaching aerial acrobatics to children and adults and contemporary dance for professional dancers. She is a producer of a dance association Experimental free scene (ekscena), a member of the international art platform Shadow casters and professional dance association UPUH. She holds a MA of Art History and Comparative Literature.