Jovana Rakić completed her master studies at the Academy of Music and Dance (Cologne, Germany), Department of Dance Dissemination in Contemporary Context, during which she was educated and researched in the field of creative dance with children. Previously she graduated at the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology, Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. She has received scholarships for artistic educational programs such as Dance Web (2011), Nomad Dance Academy (2010), Enparts Open Campus (2011).

Since 2008, she has been collaborating with socially marginalized artists and groups in Serbia. In this context, she worked as a performer, dance educator, and choreographer in the projects The Day After, Body Frame, The Right on Art etc. During the same period she often collaborated with young people and children with and without disabilities.

Since 2014, Jovana started focusing on projects in which she creates for children and works with children in the context of performing arts and contemporary dance (for example - Generator project initiated by Station - Service for Contemporary Dance).  Being engaged in the development of preschool art education, she developed two programs: one was part of the project Kaleidoscope - made by the Center for Interactive Pedagogy and "Training for Creative Movement and Dance" produced in Station Service for Contemporary Dance.

Her artistic work, among others, includes dance performance The Species that originated from a project dedicated to empowering and supporting young artists in the field of contemporary dance. Performance received the Special Award for Innovation in Contemporary Dance, Association of Ballet Artists of Serbia, awarded for the season 2015/2016. In 2017, she initiated the project Save Me the Place, with students from ballet school and the school of design in Belgrade.

She is one of the initiators and mentors of the program for young dancers and choreographers "Puzzle # 2" and "Puzzle # 3" and a member of the executive board of the ASSITEJ Serbia.

 Jovana is the author of several contemporary dance workshops for young people and children (which have developed in cooperation with Ergstatus Dance Theater, group "Let's…", Station -  Service for Contemporary Dance, Practicable Platform for Contemporary Art Development).