Anna Javoran was born in 1997. in Novi Sad, Serbia. She was introduced to theatre at a young age - in her school days she has attended the Novi Sad theatre's drama section and also music and ballet school. She decided on enrolling at Novi Sad Ballet High School's classical ballet course which she graduated from in 2016. The same year, she enrolled in Zagreb's Academy of Dramatic Art's contemporary dance performance class and since then she's had the chance to work with Croatian, but also foreign renowned choreographers, dancers and pedagogues such as: Francesco Scavetta, Frey Faust, Silvio Lang, Matej Kejžar, Laura Aris Alvarez, Guy Nader, Petra Hrašćanec, Nikolina Pristaš, etc. 

With performances which she worked on within the Academy (choreographed by Ana Mrak, Sanna Myllilahti, Matej Kejžar, Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld and Andrea Božić) she performed on the Festival of Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre in San Vincenti (2017), on Dance Inn in Zagreb, also in Ljubljana and in Brussels (2019), and she had the chance to show her choreographic works on the Monoplay Festival in Zadar in 2017. She also highlights working with Marjana Krajač on Choreographic fantasy no.5, where she took part as a dancer in a performance made for a camera (2020). Her main interests remain choreographic-authorial work and work in theatre. She started doing movement directing (assisting at the Academy of Dramatic Art’s stage movement class on the acting course and also working as a movement assistant on theatre plays). In January of 2020. In Zagreb Dance Centre she premiered her first complete choreographic work with her colleague Ariana Prpić called stasis: to visit.