Generator is an interregional collaborative platform and its objective is to develop and explore new contemporary performing and dance practices aimed at young audiences. The platform’s activities are focused on cross-cultural cooperation, exchange and dissemination of innovative and interactive artistic forms, critical review and evaluation, and theoretical reflection on artistic content, education and mapping of the situation in wider region.
Through many years of collaboration, the platform's partner organizations have provided the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to develop a year-round activity plan that includes several major programming lines. The aforementioned program lines represent a comprehensive approach to the development of young audiences, which includes not only a direct collaboration

with them, but also other factors that influence their cultural and artistic development - cooperation with educational institutions, participants in the artistic scene, parents and the like. One of the program lines focuses on stimulating artistic activity for young audiences by providing spatial and material resources for research and producing works through advocacy and mediation activities.
The mission of the collaborative platform is to develop innovative programs and content in the dance performing arts sector for young audiences, to develop young audiences, to educate and share artists and artistic content, with the aim of fostering intercultural dialogue, fresh ideas and innovative approaches, new aesthetics and opening opportunities for young artists.

Platform activity and its content creation is focused on the synthesis of theoretical reflection and practical application - a unique process that is repeated across all program lines. Each of the organizations involved develops programs for young audiences that, in the context of contemporary performing arts, examine the established forms and patterns of artistic creation that are more accessible and familiar to young people. By developing a multicultural and inter-regional environment in which artists create and present their projects, and by bringing young people in touch with cultural pluralism, the aim is to foster interculturalism and create more tolerant values, both social and cultural. Movement-based programs, as a principle of creative expression, go beyond language barriers and allow for a variety of interpretations of works of art.

photo by Drago Videmšek